The educational platform Clickedu now incorporates the functionality of Microsoft Office 365

The educational platform Clickedu now incorporates the functionality of Microsoft Office 365

In schools that use both Clickedu and Microsoft Office 365, the two systems are synchronized

Clickedu is pleased to announce the integration of Microsoft Office 365 functionality into its service. For some time now, Clickedu has been working to synchronize systems in schools that use the educational platform along with Office365. In fact, clients who use Clickedu in theirs schools can now get Office 365 at no extra cost.

Thanks to this integration, the Clickedu calendar can be viewed from Office 365, bringing school and personal planning information together in a single system. In addition, Clickedu users can consult their Microsoft Outlook mail and enjoy unlimited downloading of documents from Microsoft OneDrive, in addition to opening Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files directly in the cloud.

Clickedu brings together all the elements needed for faculty, parents, students, administration, and office staff to carry out all school-related activities. Everything is covered, from curriculum scheduling and development by the faculty, to daily tracking of student progress in every subject, to monitoring access to the cafeteria and even notifying parents automatically if a child is absent.

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